"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Albert Einstein

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Welcome to Consilia

We are a team of motivated engineers working with passion on various solutions in R&D of electronic industry involving fields of Hardware, Software, FPGA, DSP, and RF design. Our solutions can be found in modern-day embedded systems, test&measurement systems, and radio devices. Find out more in description on Services page.

Every day we challenge demanding assignments from our customers, who appreciate our services for:

  • deep knowledge base gained from experience with complex projects
  • close co-operation, flexibility, and spirit of a small team
  • various types of business cooperation and competitive price models

Are you looking for a reliable, stable, and competent partner for your R&D program? Do you need high-end engineers to speed up your current project? Do you have a lack of testing capacities? Would you like to shorten your learning curve for products we have experience with? Would you like to successfully practise the Nearshoring model? If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then please contact us and let us know what we can do about it!

Company Overview

Consilia is located in "Silicon Valley" of the Czech Republic. The company, with more than a 10-year history, is well-networked with other local companies and Start-ups around. Consilia has a very well equipped HW lab and implemented quality management system.



October 15, 2018

Official Goepel partners


After long and exhilarating work we have became official partners of Goepel for Czech Republic, Slovakia Republic and Poland. We can now offer qualified support for all their products and technologies in ATS sector. We hope this cooperation will bring us more experience for the future as well as many new and interesting projects.

September 19, 2018

Envelope tracking over ACP


During latest development we had to find a way to adjust ACP so we get stable ET gain. This tuning could also not take large ammount of time or processing power so we in the end opted for three phase approach which used averaging of first few values to get a baseline then relay controler for quick large adjustment and PSD controller for later fine tunning and adjustments.

Latest Projects

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Intermediate layer between HW and upper layers provided by customer. The communication interface was set in stone so we had to work in limited space to meet the demands. Complex monitoring implementation, lot of optimalization and fluid integration!

Blizzard platform

Design based on Ettus SDR B205. Analysis of the downlink communication between BTS and UE in 2G, 3G. Primary Scrambling Code (PSC) detection. Decoding of the logical channels BCCH, DCCH, CCCH. Detection of active channels in 2G, 3G. All this and much more in our lastest FPGA that we developed for someone we can't sadly name.

Industrial Safety
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Have you noticed how all the air-travel rules become more strict for the passengers? A similar trend also applies to the air traffic control. In the past, just the bigger airplanes had automatically to respond to the ground service with their codes and positions. In the near future, all the small air-planes and bigger drones need to fulfill the same conditions. ADS-B transceiver offers to fulfill such a legal obligation within a reasonable price range that better fits to the small airplane or drone than expensive transceiver fitted in Jumbo Jet.


Our Near-future Targets

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