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Company Overview

Company History


Consilia Brno s.r.o. (also referred as Consilia) was founded in 2004. For almost ten years it has been providing design support for companies mainly from the German-speaking region. Since then the Consilia has grown up into a company with 18 high-qualified engineers.

The company is based on work in small project teams. The project work is characterized by friendly cooperation, a keen interest in design tasks and genuine customer focus. The average age of our engineers is 35 and they have more than 10 years of professional experience.

We put a high quality standard in our daily tasks and work hard to create innovative solutions. We are permanently seeking new project opportunities to help us and our customers grow.

Where You Can Find Us


We are proud to live in Brno, a "Silicon Valley" of the Czech Republic.

There are more than 89,000 students studying at 13 universities in Brno. The 3 university campuses cooperate with many foreign companies. The Brno region ranks among the 50 most innovative regions in the Europe.

The city is well known to renowned global companies operating in sectors with high added value. Thanks to the excellent knowledge base, many of these companies already moved to Brno or newly established their development centres here (Honeywell, IBM, Siemens, ABB, FEI, Flextronics, AVG, RedHat, Avast, SolarWinds, or NetSuite among others). The importance of Brno as a business centre in the field of information technology is gradually growing.

Brno is a home to a number of research institutions focusing on a wide range of disciplines in the field of biochemistry, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, electrical engineering, textiles, food processing industry, agriculture, construction industry, military, and others.

Universities also run technology transfer centres, which facilitate cooperation between companies and research teams through research on demand.

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Our Design Lab


Consilia design lab is located in one of the biggest industrial parks in Brno - the Brno Industrial Zone - Cernovice Terrace. Our lab area has more than 200 m2.

There is a dedicated ESD area in the lab, equipped with various types of modern measurement instruments mainly from Rohde & Schwarz or Agilent. This allows precise measurements from audio to 20 GHz frequency range.

There is a well equipped component stock available for prototype assembly. Boards in higher quantities are assembled by our partners.

Consilia IT infrastructure consists of IP phones, video-conference, and professional server architecture with server space dedicated for each customer project. Based on customer requirements we provide several bug-tracking systems. For safer communication with our customers we have established secured external access. Our customers have assigned separate server partitions for storage of project data.

Services We Offer


Our core team of engineers with deep experience in the fields of hardware, software, DSP, FPGA, RF, and test&measurement design works on various projects. According to project complexity the team can vary from just one experienced designer to a group with a project leader or local project coordinator, involvement of purchasing or other local services like PCB production and assembly. Based on agreement with our customers, not only our core team of engineers, but also other local companies, universities, or freelancers can be involved. This allows us to provide our customers with integrated all-in-one solutions.

We are ready to support you in the process of introduction into a series production (engineering) or in the maintenance phase.

Every day we work with customers from different continents and different timezones. Our team is used to travelling worldwide in order to provide our customers with on-site support and if required, their partners as well.

Consilia management and all our engineers feel confident using written and spoken English at an intermediate level, or higher. Apart from English, the company management and a quarter of our engineers are also familiar with German language.

The complete documentation is prepared in English language. If required, the documentation can be prepared in German as well. Should your product specification and other documents be prepared in German only, we can provide professional translation for you. Our documentation department is managed by a linguist proficient in English language.

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Quality Policy


Quality Management System (QMS) in Consilia consists of two independent parts. Besides the basic quality system (BQS) inside Consilia, there is also a customer quality system (CQS) which corresponds with project requirements. The BQS, compliant with ISO 9001:2008, covers elementary processes in the company including continuous improvement and appropriate corrective actions.

A very wide knowledge background in the matter of quality management allows a professional separation between basic and customer specific processes. Depending on agreement, the Consilia activities can be included as a module in customers overall quality strategy and all document templates can be based on customer's quality handbook.

The Consilia team has more than 10 years of experience in software and hardware development in aerospace industry including verification and validation according to international standards (different requirements for Europe, Australia, Canada, and USA). Customers have been provided with documentation to prove safety critical reliability of the products (e.g. DO-178B).

We have broad experience with transfer of know-how, design guidelines and processes i.e. production ramp-up or assembly relocation. Temporary teams can be established for such tasks.

The described activities are supported by creation of corresponding documentation and/or trainings in order to ensure high quality standard also after the know-how transfer.

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