PCB Layout

Consilia - PCB Layout done with excellence
PCB Layout done with excellence


More than 15 years experience in PCB layout:
  • rigid PCB (up to 20-layers), flex-rigid PCB (4-layers), flexible PCB (2-layers), thermal clad
  • High-speed and RF designs, HDI, automotive PCBs. Controlled impedances, microvias, blind/buried vias, ELIC, plated half-holes, back-drilling, edge connectors and more...
  • EMI/EMC-optimized layout.
  • up to 3500 components on PCB, up to 3000 pin BGA packages, DDR3/4 memories, QDR, HDMI, USB, ethernet, up to 100A power source layout, and more…
  • RF structures – Antennas, filters
  • products from industrial, automotive, medical, telecommunication
  • communication with PCB suppliers and production support (technical capabilities, stack-up consultations, assembly support, DFx services, etc.)


We provide exceptional PCB layout services:
  • strong team with previous common work experience (corporate environment) – similar way of work, substitutability
  • cooperation inside multicultural teams in world-wide projects (daily basis communication via emails, Skype, screen sharing, teleconferences)
  • experience in time-tight projects – incomplete or permanently changing schematics, mechanical inputs and requirements with tight deadlines
  • responsibilities and customer standards compliance check
  • experience how to managed complex projects sets, self processing and inputs delegate across the PCB team (several layouters working on a product, even a single PCB)
  • on-site support on request

Interim Engineering

Our PCB designers are able to:
  • design circuit boards that adhere to your design requirements
  • support in cooperation with other team members (bring up, debugging or testing and measurement services; SW, HW and FPGA design; assembly, purchasing, etc)
  • offer an onsite and offsite or mixed support as necessary to ensure that both timescales and cost constraints are met
  • offer 100% substitutable and proved PCB Designers for various areas (automotive, telecommunication, industrial, etc)
  • offer support for short, medium and long-term projects as you require

Applications Areas

Our services cover the following areas:
  • Automotive
  • Embedded solutions
  • IoT
  • RF and wireless communication
  • Telecommunication
  • Networking
  • Industrial

Design Tools

Main design tool used during the development:
  • Cadence OrCad/Allegro
We also have experience in:
  • Mentor Expedition
  • Altium Designer


Rohde & Schwarz
Measurement Devices, Air Traffic Control
TETRA Network Base-Stations
100G Ethernet Solutions
Mobile Network Solutions
Automotive Lighting
IoT, Safety Products, Aerospace
Czech e-infrastructure


We are permanently looking for new partners, business opportunities, and challenging projects. Please use one of the contact details to come in touch with us.

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