"A goal without a plan is just a wish." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Consilia Ethernet Shield PLUS

Arduino ethernet shield

Mar 20, 2015

Retail solutions area. Used for prototyping/simulation/demo and later on also as a part of a final solution. We have extended Arduino MEGA with another USB virtual COM port (FTDI), LAN, pot, resistors for LED connection and permanent memory with (almost) unlimited write cycles. Have you ever seen something like that at SparkFun or Adafruit?

PCB design of 8-layer board in Altium


Aug 09, 2013

8 layers, more than 300 fine pitch components including a 325-pin BGA control chip, high speed lines and buses together with low level audio signals on the 26 x 170 mm board.

Rhapsody vs. Perforce Versioning Engine


May 08, 2013

Advancement of our tools area. As we have more than 7 years of experience with IBM Rational Rhapsody used together with IBM Rational ClearCase we were asked to integrate Perforce into Rhapsody GUI. This solution should work on both Windows and Linux platforms. The task is still in progress and we will let you know when it is ready!

More than human-machine interface


Apr 19, 2013

Air Traffic Control area – product already on the market; Soft-core Altera NIOS II CPU supported by Atmel AT89C5131 provides a display-keyboard interface for users of an ATC radio. Besides the HMI functionality it handles also USB interface, radio parameters database storage, main/standby switchover, monitoring & watchdog, RTC, etc. Software for NIOS II has been developed in IBM Rational Rhapsody in C, using Rhapsody IDF (Interrupt Driven Framework).

Design of the radiocommunication board - circuit and PCB design


Mar 29, 2013

12 layers, fine pitch components, very complex design – high frequency signal processing in the gigahertz range together with the digital circuitry. PCB design in OrCAD/Allegro.

VoIP solution for ATC radio


Feb 14, 2013

VoIP – already on the market. In this project we have shown our expertize in IP within ATC systems according to ED-137 standard. There were challenging real-time requirements, RTP/SIP protocols, codec implementation, etc.

Complex Graphical User Interface in LabVIEW


Jan 25, 2012

Air Traffic Control area – product already on the market; Design of official control software (PC, Windows) for configuration, monitoring, and software update of an ATC equipment, including backup of complete configuration and cloning-support. Local control via USB, remote control via LAN.

Our own DLL was implemented due to IPv6 support requirement .

Rhapsody and PC-lint


Jun 10, 2011

Tooling area – product already used internally. We are keen on using Rhapsody and we see static code analysis as an essential part of our SW development and quality assurance. Based on this we have integrated PC-lint to be one-click accessible from Rhapsody GUI and become an integral part of our Rhapsody development. Since 2012 we have started to use the Goanna tool, and we are going to integrate it into Rhapsody as well.

Do you have enough stress at your work place?


Nov 09, 2009

Tooling area – product already used internally. To test stability and prove LAN stress immunity of a device we designed several tricky Python scripts (stress tests) to simulate extreme LAN load to the target device. Then we analyzed automatically generated reports and evaluated Wireshark logs to see what happened in case of an error. If you want to be sure that your device is stable enough, we can prove it! Furthermore, we can help you to find a root cause of such instabilities.

RF Test system for datasheet verification


Definition and design of an automated test system for verification of functionality and datasheet parameters of air traffic control radio according to several international standards.

The system consists of very precise R&S instruments and other electrical parts designed in Brno (switching matrix, filters, power loads, phase shift, etc.).

SW implementation in NI LabVIEW™ (654 test cases) is based on a custom-made SW script platform to reduce design-to-production time.

Air Traffic Control radio


We have been involved in the complete design (HW, SW, and Verification) of a VHF/UHF receiver, transmitter and transceiver. These products belong to a category called "Software Defined Radios".

Communication via VoIP, GB2PP, USB, SNMP, RS530, and MMI interfaces.

Development following DO-178B (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, safety level D). Validation according industry standards (ARINC, ETSI, EMC).

Support of end customers with field and system tests including data modes and performance analysis.

Development of miscellaneous service applications and automated test solutions for design and production purposes.

More info on hardware parameters achieved by our design contribution, you can find in a product datasheet.

Series of measurement instruments for signal analysis and generation


Complete design of signal generators, spectrum analyzers, arbitrary generators, audio analyzers, including production support (board-level testers, calibration system, and verification systems of datasheet parameters).

Customized Arduino MEGA 2560 architecture

Arduino control board

Sep 09, 2015

Retail solutions area. Arduino MEGA 2560 architecture successfully applied in a custom control board - extended with RS485 bus, DC/AC motor drivers and magnetic/optical sensors inputs. Nice example of prototyping with Arduino and final solution using our own custom HW and FW design. All glory to the Arduino!

Arduino MEGA 2560 MP3 player

Arduino mp3

Feb 19, 2014

Retail solutions area, already used for promotion in the shops. Arduino MEGA 2560 extended with MP3 codec, audio drivers, SD-Card, graphical display and capacitive buttons. Another success story of prototyping with Arduino and final solution using our own custom HW and FW design. We love Arduino!

Do you want Linux as your masseur?

Blizzard platform

Jul 09, 2013

Medical/Rehabilitation area – product already on the market. For a masseur chair we have developed a control device containing TechNexion processor board equipped with Texas Instruments Sitara ARM CPU. Our control application is running under Angstrom Linux. The product features a graphical user interface via an LCD touch screen, video, and music to make your massage enjoyable!

Free vending? Only for winners!

Apr 23, 2013

Advertising area – product already in operation. Our SW running in Atmel ATXmega controls a vending machine including two displays, a keyboard, and SD-Card storage. Advertisement campaign winners have beverage for free!

The fastest cash flow you have ever seen!


Jan 29, 2013

Bank/Cash area – product already on the market. Atmel ATXMega256, commanded via a proprietary interface, triggers step motors, is able to dispense 20 banknotes per second and check banknote length and thickness by infrared sensors! Features include parallel command processing, step motor control and overhead, error logging concept, EEPROM database, etc.

Production testers – our pride!

Jun 13, 2012

We have developed two semi-automatic production testers equipped with high-end National Instruments & devices controlled by LabVIEW application. The testers are fully configurable, have user-friendly GUIs, support scripting and HTML/PDF report generation.

What is in these pipes?

Mar 03, 2011

Industrial area – product already on the market. Device and software for measurement of drinking water quality. Development of three different versions of this device, all of them driven by the same uC – Atmel Atiny48 with support of Microchip PIC.

The SW checks water quality in specified intervals and reports the result via a display or customer's proprietary interface.

Brains of trains

Aug 14, 2010

Railway area – product already in operation. We have developed special firmware for Infineon C167 which is loaded to the train door control unit for production testing. This firmware is able to test all HW parts/features of the main CPU (incl. RAM, NVRAM and FLASH), all digital I/Os, all internal (PC/104) and external (CAN, RS232) interfaces.

Drivers for all interface cards (ETH, RS485, Profinet, LON, FIP, MVB) are also integrated to this FW. Communication with test system is done via proprietary RS232 protocol.

Warm up your cat!


Jun 07, 2009

Medical/Rehabilitation – product already on the market. Intensive red light can help you (or your pets) with healing of inflammatory processes. It requires proper control and timing of light pulses. This is guaranteed by our SW running in Atmel ATMega8. One button, 2x7segment display, temperature measurement – simple, but carefully designed and visualized in UML.

Microcontroller in ceramic stove?


Dec 15, 2008

During all ages the stove and the chimney must be closed at the evening to keep heat within the house over the night. But it can be also done by Atmel ATMega8 equipped with some temperature sensor and motors, right? Everything was done in a professional way including an automatic test system!

Automotive/Rail reference project


For the railway bogie, we prepared a conceptual design of a train bogie monitoring system. The system consists of sensors connected via wireless interface (ZigBee) to data storage in a train. The system reports its status via GSM to a control centre.

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